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Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, which is why its orbital period – the time it takes to go around the Sun – is only eighty-eight days. From the Earth, it can be seen moving very fast, which is why it was named after Mercury, the speedy messenger of the Roman gods.

Mercury is the smallest of the planets in the Solar System. It has a diameter of 3,032 miles, making it slightly smaller than our Moon. Like the Moon, the surface of Mercury is covered in basins and craters, as well as wrinkle ridges and mountains.

(Taken from 101 Facts… The Solar System by IC Stars & IP Factly)

The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about Mercury. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. NASA’S MESSENGER Spacecraft Begins Historic Orbit of Mercury
  2. MESSENGER Takes First Picture While in Mercury’s Orbit
  3. Google Mercury: New NASA Images by WIRED
  4. Planet Mercury by TwinParallax
  5. PLANET MERCURY NASA New Photos – MESSENGER Views by ApoloTR
  6. NASA Captures Planet Mercury In Color HD by MysteriesHunter
  7. Planet Mercury | Space School by Science Channel
  8. Sounds Of Mercury. Pretty Creepy Sounds by SuperDBUT

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