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Asteroid Vesta

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Asteroid Vesta

Quick Facts
The asteroid belt is a region in space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, occupied by numerous asteroids. It is a region similar to the Kuiper Belt, which lies beyond Neptune, but much smaller.

Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt, accounting for one-third of the mass of the entire belt. It is has recently been classified as a dwarf planet, the only dwarf planet in the inner Solar System; however, it is currently also still classed as an asteroid.

Vesta (shown above) is the third largest asteroid. It is the brightest asteroid visible from Earth.

(Taken from 101 Facts… The Solar System by IC Stars & IP Factly)
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Video Playlist
The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about the asteroid belt. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Dawn Mission 2007 Asteroid Belt by NASAexplore
  2. Asteroids Rotation by Kurdistan Planetarium
  3. Gigantic Asteroid Vesta-Viewed by Spacecraft – SkywatchMedia
  4. Dawn, Mission to the Asteroids Vesta & Ceres 2007 NASA JPL Leonard Nimoy 720 HD by Jeff Quitney
  5. ScienceCasts: What Exploded Over Russia? by ScienceAtNASA
  6. ScienceCast: Record-Setting Asteroid Flyby by ScienceAtNASA
  7. ScienceCasts: Big Asteroid Flyby by ScienceAtNASA
  8. ScienceCasts: Rock Comet Meteor Shower by ScienceAtNASA
  9. ScienceCasts: New Year’s Asteroid Strike by ScienceAtNASA

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