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How Do!

Welcome to the meeting. My name is IP Factly and I’m a factaholic.

IP Factly

Actually, IP Factly is the pen name behind all of our articles so if you want to cite any article IPFactly.com is just fine.
For any one wondering what the writing process is… we have a number of great writers create the articles, we have a fact checker to check facts, and a proofreader to check spelling, commas and associated chicanery.

If you got the urge to do a bit of writing and want us to publish it on IPFactly for you, get in touch just be sure to include sources for your facts so we can do the fact checking (we will of course credit you fully as the article writer).

Each article has a list of sources at the bottom and if there are too many sources we include a link to the full list of sources. You can see that in action here:

Full source lists are provided so you can see for yourself where the information came from and where you can find out more.
We’re living in a post-truth world my fellow factoids. Follow the sources everywhere. If there are no sources hold-back belief until you find some! Demand proof before you believe anything!

If you find anything on ipfactly.com you think is incorrect – let me know – you can contact me here.

See you at the next meeting my Factaholic friends.

IP Factly