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Elephant by Calle v H cc4

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Weird Facts

Mr. Potato Head

  Long before Mr. Potato Head was featured on 'Toy Story', it was on television. In fact, it was the first toy to have a...

Vegemite, Australia’s national toast spread, is made only in Melbourne.

  Vegemite is a food paste made from yeast extract and various vegetables and spices. It is produced only at a factory in Fisherman's Bend.
Arizona Grand Canyon

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the deepest and longest canyon in the world.

If you think Arizona's Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world, think again. There is an even grander canyon in the Himalayas...

The capybara eats its own poop for added vitamins!

In addition to eating plants, fruit and tree bark, the capybara also eats its own feces (that’s its own poop!). Eating its own...

Your nose can also ‘hallucinate’.

  You can not only imagine seeing things but apparently, you can imagine smelling things. Unfortunately, some people imagine all smells as something foul like...


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