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Weird Facts

Most of ‘The Godfather’ was written in a café in San Francisco.

  There are hundreds of coffee houses in San Francisco and the Caffe Trieste is one of the most historic. Here, Francis Ford Coppola wrote...

You could walk on mercury.

Mercury is the only element that is liquid at room temperature and at room temperature, it has a density of 13.5 grams per cubic...

In Latin America, it is bad luck for expectant mothers to look at eclipses.

  It is believed that if they do, their babies may become deformed, particularly develop cleft lips or club feet.  

Crocodiles can close their ears.

Crocodiles spend a lot of time in the water with just the top of their heads sticking out. Their eyes are located high on...
Liquid Helium

Liquid helium can climb over the sides of a dish.

At extremely low temperatures, liquid helium can achieve a superfluid state wherein it flows without friction. This means that if you were to swirl...


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