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Elephant by Calle v H cc4

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Weird Facts

Spartan Men

Spartan men were not allowed to marry until they were 30.

  In Sparta, men were required to live in military barracks until they were 30. Only after could they marry and most of them did...
Human egg cell

The female egg cell is the largest cell in the human body.

  Most cells in the human body are too tiny to be seen without a microscope but the female egg cell is visible to the...
glass of water

A glass of water will boil instead of freeze in space.

Space may be very cold but it is also a vacuum, which means there is very low air pressure, which in turn causes the...
Roman Portrait Bust of a Woman

Women in ancient Rome sewed their hair.

It was originally thought that women in ancient Rome wore wigs but now, research shows that they wore their own hair. How did they...

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s tallest steel arch bridge.

  Opened in 1932, the top of the bridge is 439 feet above the harbor. It is also the fifth longest bridge in the world.


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