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Quick Facts
Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun. Its orbital period lasts approximately 224 days.

Venus can be seen clearly from Earth. In fact, it is the second brightest object in the night sky, after the Moon, although it is at its brightest either shortly after Sunset or shortly before Sunrise. For this reason, Venus has also been called the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

Venus is sometimes known as the Earth’s ‘sister planet’. This is because they are very close in size and composition.

(Taken from 101 Facts… The Solar System by IC Stars & IP Factly)
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Video Playlist
The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about Venus. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Venus Transit 2012 – Ultra-high Definition View (NASA/ESA) by Best0fScience
  2. NASA SDO – Transit of Venus, 131 Angstrom by LittleSDOHMI
  3. NASA | Magellan: Venus False-Color Terrain [HD] by The Mars Underground
  4. NASA | Return to Venus: Part I
  5. NASA | Return to Venus: Part II
  6. Venus: Death of a Planetby SpaceRip
  7. BBC World News: Japan’s Akatsuki mission lifts off for planet Venus 21 May 2010 1446
  8. NASA’s Conceptual Mission to Venus by Dave Mosher
  9. Wandering Stars: a tour of the planets by SpaceRip
  10. Space School – Venus by Discovery TV
  11. Space School- Venus by Science Channel

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