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Gee’s golden langur image Gee’s golden langur by Doniv79

Golden Langur Facts

Old World Monkey
Alternative names: Trachypithecus geei, Golden langur
Where in the world? Himalayan foothills in India and Bhutan
Habitat: Moist and tropical forests with an elevation of up to 3,000 meters above sea level
Diet: Fruits, leaves, seeds and flowers
Size: 19.6 to 29.5 inches long
Weight: 21 to 23 pounds
Average lifespan: Unknown
Conservation status: Endangered

Gee’s golden langur takes its name from its vibrant fur, which is a darker shade of gold in the winter and cream-colored in the summer.

Apart from their fur, Gee’s golden langurs are known for having long tails which can grow up to 39 inches long, even longer than their bodies, especially in males. They use these tails to swing from one tree to another. When they are alarmed, however, they will leap from tree to tree instead.

Taken from IP Factly’s 25 Awesome Apes & Monkeys

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