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Pygmy marmosetPygmy marmoset, Sacha Lodge, Ecuador by Don Faulkner

Pygmy Marmoset Facts

New World Monkey
Alternative names: Cebuella pygmaea, Chambira, Chichico, Leoncillo, Titi
Where in the world? Amazon Basin – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Habitat: Mature evergreen forests, usually near rivers and streams
Diet: Gum, sap, resin, grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies, moths, beetles, ants, fruits, flowers and small lizards
Size: Four to six inches long
Weight: 3.5 to 4.2 ounces
Average lifespan: 12 years
Conservation status: Least Concern

The pygmy marmoset is considered the world’s smallest true monkey. It measures only six inches long and weighs a maximum of 4.2 ounces, lighter than an average apple.

For their food, pygmy marmosets eat mostly gum or tree sap. They use their sharp teeth to gnaw holes in the barks of trees and then lap up the sap with their tongues while clinging to the tree using their specialized claws. Sometimes, they will also take the insects that approach the sap holes.

Taken from IP Factly’s 25 Awesome Apes & Monkeys

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