Link #71: Darth Vader Ran for Presidency in Ukraine!

Darth Vader


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Link #71: Darth Vader Ran for Presidency in Ukraine!

Darth Vader
Darth Vader by Steve Troughton PD image

There’s always something new related to the internet. It actually inspires innovation. In our last article, we spoke about one of the greatest innovations related to the internet, i.e., Facebook. We mentioned how Facebook is blue because its developer, Mark Zuckerberg, can’t properly see colors like red and green.

While Facebook is an innovation that was mainly positive for the world, the internet is also known for inspiring some of the strangest actions. For example, did you know that the Internet Party of Ukraine actually tried to give a ticket to Darth Vader so that he could run for the presidency of the country?

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Darth Vader as Ukraine’s President!

Party Flag by Internet Party of Ukraine. PD image

The Internet Party of Ukraine was founded by a Ukrainian hacker known as Dmytro Holubov in 2006. This small and relatively obscure party tried to register Darth Vader as its presidential candidate in 2014.

However, the registration was refused by the Central Election Commission of Ukraine because his identity couldn’t be verified. The reason why Darth Vader was refused registration is that he refused to take his mask off at the time of registration.

The possible reason for his refusal was that he was deep in his role (Darth Vader never wanted to remove his mask!) and that his primary goal was to create controversy rather than register.

Darth Vader Wanted to Be Mayor and Prime Minister Too!

It isn’t only the president’s post that Darth Vader coveted in Ukraine. A few days after his failed bid to register as a candidate for the post of president, Darth Vader did manage to run for the mayor’s post in Kiev and Odessa (two of the major cities in Ukraine) simultaneously.

Finally, at the end of 2014, Darth Vader ran for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. This time he did manage to run but didn’t make a huge enough impact on the results. In fact, he couldn’t even cast his own vote this time.

When he went to the polling booth, he carried his passport. However, the election officials asked him to take his mask off to verify his identity and he again refused to do so. The result was that he was denied the chance to cast his own vote.

Who Is Darth Vader of the Internet Party of Ukraine?

Who is darth vader ukraine
Image credit: paurian cc2.0

Darth Vader of the Internet Party of Ukraine is a man who was formerly known as Viktor Shevchenko. As per the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, Shevchenko had legally changed his name to Darth Vader before applying to register as a candidate for the presidential post.

All the Darth Vader candidacies mentioned above were no joke either. He ran full campaigns for each of them. These campaigns included everything from development promises (manifesto) to rallies and advertising campaigns.

In his manifesto, Darth Vader promised a number of things. One was to remove Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Another was to do away with bureaucrats and replace them with an automated system for everything ranging from voting to claiming social services. Darth Vader even promised everyone free computer courses and free Wi-Fi.

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