Link #70: Facebook Is Blue Because Zuckerberg Is Colour Blind!

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Link #70: Facebook Is Blue Because Zuckerberg Is Colour Blind!

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Geniuses have a tendency to have strange traits too. Most geniuses are either eccentric in their preferences or have some unique experience in life. In our last post, we spoke about an exceptional programmer from Finland, Jerry Jalava. Jerry lost his ring finger and decided to replace it with a prosthetic finger that contained a USB device.

An even greater genius is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Facebook is all over the world, isn’t it? You probably have it open on the side and have plans to share this article with your buddies on it.

Zuckerberg doesn’t have a strange trait. He just has a condition that affects how he views the world. For instance, Facebook is blue because of this condition. What condition is this? Read on!

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Why Is Facebook Blue?

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg. Image credit: Jason McELweenie (deneyterrio) cc2.0

Facebook is blue because Zuckerberg suffers from colour blindness. Being colour blind doesn’t mean that the person sees everything in black and white. Instead, it means that certain colors become hard to recognise and pinpoint for the individual. Zuckerberg’s colour blindness makes it very difficult for him to recognise red and green colors.

On the other hand, he says that he finds blue to be the richest colour in the world. Moreover, on one of his interviews, he clearly stated on camera that he can see ‘all of blue’.

Zuckerberg also used an unconventional method to find out that he is colour blind. He reportedly took a test online as opposed to going to the doctor. However, once the test told him that he may be colour blind, he most probably paid a visit to the doctor.

What Is Colour Blindness and How Does It Happen?

Simulation of Different Color Deficiencies, Color Blindness
Simulation of Different Color Deficiencies, Color Blindness. Image credit: entirelysubjective cc2.0

Colour blindness is a condition where an individual is unable to see certain colors and distinguish them from others. In simple terms, colour blindness occurs when cone cells are not developed properly in an individual’s eyes.

There are mainly three different types of cone cells in everyone’s eyes. These cone cells contain pigments that allow people to recognise and distinguish colors. When light falls on these cone cells, they become active and send information to the individual’s brain.

So colour blindness is basically the lack of one or more types of these cone cells or even their pigmentation. Pigmentation itself depends on the individual’s genes. Particularly, the X gene is responsible for pigmentation of cone cells.

Men have one X and one Y gene, while women have two X genes. This makes men more prone to colour blindness than women which explains why Zuckerberg has colour blindness.

What Are the Other Interesting Facts About Mark Zuckerberg?

Before Zuckerberg built Facebook and turned it into a global sensation, he had already done the same job within his family. In 1996, Zuckerberg had built a special instant messaging software program for his father’s dentistry business.

The software program came to be called ZuckNet and became the medium through which the whole Zuckerberg family communicated. Zuckerberg has received multiple offers for Facebook. One, from Yahoo, was as large as one billion dollars. He refuses to sell Facebook because he says that it’s not about money but about connecting people.

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