Jupiter Early Reader Book

Jupiter - space book for kids

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Jupiter Early Reader Book

This book, for early or guided readers, looks at Jupiter – the gas giant.

This space book for early readers helps explain more about Jupiter and its moons. The book uses stunning photos, great facts, a question and answer section plus this video page to help early readers develop an understanding of Jupiter and the fascinating moons the orbit around it.

The video playlist to accompany the book is below, as are details of the videos used.

The Playlist:

  • Jupiter: the Largest by SpaceRip
  • Bill Nye Explains Why Jupiter is Like a Blender (Presented by NASA’s MIssion Juno) by THNKR
  • Hot Spots in Jupiter’s Atmosphere | NASA Space Science HD Video by CoconutScienceLab
  • Europa Jupiter Moon’s Subsurface Ocean of Water [HD] by The Mars Underground
  • 2011-2016 JUNO NASA Jupiter Exploration Spacecraft by Space Chronology
  • ScienceCasts: What Lies Inside Jupiter by Cloud .Tube
  • EUROPA LAKE: Nasa ‘discovers’ liquid water on Jupiter moon by ITN
  • Bill Nye: Is Jupiter Like A Piece Of The Sun? (Presented by NASA’s MIssion Juno) by THNKR
  • The Deadliest Radiation in the Solar System (Presented by NASA’s MIssion Juno) by THNKR
  • Bill Nye Asks Does Jupiter Have A Core? (Presented by NASA’s MIssion Juno) by THNKR
  • Bill Nye Searches For Water On Jupiter. (Presented by NASA’s Mission Juno) by THNKR
  • NASA/ESA Europa Jupiter System Mission by djxatlanta