In the Aztec empire, slaves were treated well. They could have their own possessions and their own slaves. They could also marry their masters or buy their freedom. Their children were free and not automatically slaves like in other...
  The Beverly Hills High School has 19 oil wells in its campus, which produce about 400 barrels of oil a day. As a result, the school earns about $300,000 a year in royalties. Incidentally, Los Angeles is the third...
  In fact, she would have ended up being a classical musician if only she hadn't been too nervous to perform.  
  In 2013, NASA beamed a copy of the Mona Lisa on the moon using a high-powered laser that was originally used to make communication between spacecraft more effective. The image was sent back to Earth using radio waves.  
  The Ancient Egyptians used the frayed ends of wooden twigs for toothbrushes - ouch! - and a mixture of burnt eggshells, ashes, powdered ox hooves and mint as toothpaste.  
  It was part of a real estate marketing campaign. Only in 1949 was the sign changed to Hollywood as it is today.  
  It bears the name 'Beren' while his wife's gravestone bears the name 'Luthien'. Beren and Luthien were star-crossed lovers he himself invented.  
  Researchers at Harvard have found another use for bubble wrap - running simple diagnostic tests at the lab. According to them, not only is bubble wrap cheap and readily available, but it is transparent and the inside of the...

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