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Facts about animals and what they get up to in their spare time.

101 Snakes Photo Credits

Photo Credits Photo Credits Photo 1 Fossil of the extinct snake Eupodophis descouensi. Author: Ghedoghedo CC3.0 Photo 2 Fossil of the extinct snake Boavus idelmani. Author: Ghedoghedo CC3.0 Photo 3 Titanoboa illustration. Author Nobu Tamura CC3.0 www.palaeocritti.com/ Photo 4 milk snake Author Sheila...

101 Facts… Snakes!

101 Facts... Snakes! ...Amazing Animal Books by IP Factly For video footage... African Rock Python Black Mamba Boomslang Burmese Python Coral Snake Corn Snake Eastern Brown Snake Flying Snake Gaboon Viper ...
Koala by Gildardo urbina licensed under Creative Commons 4

101 Facts – Marsupials

101 Facts - Marsupials! ...Amazing Animal Books by IP Factly Contents Introduction General Evolution Journey to Australia Pouch Reproduction & Birth Extinct Species Gliders Kangaroos Wallabies Koalas Opossums Possums Tasmanian Devils Wombats Some Lesser Known Species Video Footage Photo Credits Introduction Some baby animals are born all covered with fur and...
Gravure d'un calmar géant échoué en 1877 sur la baie Trinity, à Terre-Neuve

8 weird (and scary) facts about the giant squid

8 weird (and scary) facts about the giant squid The deepest and darkest parts of the ocean are home to some of the strangest and most alien-like creatures on Earth....

101 Facts… Parrots!

101 Facts... Parrots! ...Amazing Animal WebBooks 101 Facts... Parrots! Over 101 cool facts about these beautiful and highly intelligent animals. It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about...
chameleon by Tambako the Jaguar

8 facts about chameleons you won’t believe are true!

8 facts about chameleons you won't believe are true! The chameleon is most well-known for its ability to change colour depending on its environment. But that's not all that you'll...
okapi by belgianchocolate cc 4.0

8 amazing facts about the okapi

8 fantastic facts about the okapi Though the Okapi looks like a combination of a horse and zebra, this amazing animal is actually a closer relative to the Giraffe -...
Blue Ringed Octopus, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

10 amazing facts about octopuses

The octopus is a truly mysterious animal. Some may think they're fairly simple, so it's easy to assume that these jellyfish-looking creatures are just big bulging heads, known as...

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