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Elephant by Calle v H cc4

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Your nose can also ‘hallucinate’.

  You can not only imagine seeing things but apparently, you can imagine smelling things. Unfortunately, some people imagine all smells as something foul like...

In Japan, it is perfectly okay to slurp your noodles.

  Noodle dishes, such as ramen and soba, are common in Japan and according to Japanese tradition, the best way to eat them is by...

Lemur Couples In Love Smell Alike

Lemurs have long been known to communicate with scent but lemur parents have now been discovered to smell the same. It is after they...
Hollywood Sign

The famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles originally read ‘Hollywoodland’.

  It was part of a real estate marketing campaign. Only in 1949 was the sign changed to Hollywood as it is today.  
The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Pyramid of Giza used to have a swiveling door.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was one of only three pyramids to have a swiveling door as an entrance. From the inside, it could...


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