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It would take you nine years to taste all of Coca Cola’s beverages.

  Coca Cola has more than 3,500 beverages from energy drinks to soy-based drinks to different types of tea - no wonder 3.1% of the...
Zelda Hyrule Crest Tattoo

Tattoos can make skin less sensitive to touch.

  Studies show that tattooed skin is less sensitive to touch, possibly because the needles damage the nerves or because the ink interferes with the...

Astronauts can’t cry.

  Astronauts can get lonely in space but they can't cry, not even if they wanted to. This is because even if their eyes produce...

Ancient Olympians ate lizard meat.

  During the ancient Olympic games, some athletes would eat lizard meat prepared in a certain way, which they believed would enhance their performance.  

Pink was originally a boy’s color.

  In Victorian England, red was the popular color for men and blue for women. The children wore paler versions of these colors so young...


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