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The American Revolution

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101 Facts… US Expansion – United States Expansionism

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South Chinese Tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis) in Shanghai Zoo. Image credit: J. Patrick Fischer, cc3.0

101 Facts – Big Cats

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6 fascinating facts about lions

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Weird Facts


Women talk about 20,000 words per day – 13,000 words more than men.

According to a pyschiatric study, women talk 20,000 words per day while men talk only 7,000 words. The researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine may have...
Pop Corn

The Aztecs invented popcorn.

The Aztecs popped corn and used the burst flowers as ornaments for their headdresses and offerings to Tlaloc, the god of maize and fertility.

A woman in the US can fit herself inside a suitcase in less than...

  Leslie Tipton, from San Francisco, California, can get inside a zipped suitcase in just 5.43 seconds, a record she made in September 2009. Now, that's what you call packing...

Heroin was once the world’s ‘wonder drug’.

Heroin was invented by Heinrich Dreser, the same man who invented aspirin and when it was first marketed in 1898, it was recommended as a pain reliever stronger than...
Abraham Lincoln memorial

Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler.

And not just any wrestler. He once defeated an opponent with a single toss and had only one known defeat in 300 matches that he is enshrined in the...


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