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Weird Facts


The first thermometer was filled with brandy.

  It is unsure who invented the thermometer but it was once filled with brandy instead of mercury and apparently, was accurate enough.  
A croc from Crocodile bank, Kovalam - Chennai by s_pixels

Crocodiles Can Climb Trees!

You didn't read that wrongly - crocodiles can climb trees! In fact alligators and crocodiles in North America, Africa and Australia have been spotted by researchers climbing trees and...

Ancient Egyptian archers could kill enemies up to 600 feet away.

  The main weapon of the Ancient Egyptian military was the bow and arrow, with the arrowheads first made of stone, then obsidian and then bronze. The archers, who could...

In 2009, a man made an entire house out of Lego bricks.

James May from Surrey made a house out of 3.3 million Lego bricks. Even the toilet and shower, which are both working, are made of Lego.

Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain.

  As of 2013, Subway has 40,695 branches in 102 countries. McDonald's comes second.  


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