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Weird Facts


Albert Einstein loved to sail.

He didn't know how to swim but he would often take a boat out on the lake to do some thinking.
White Haven Beach

The sand on Whitehaven Beach can damage electronic gadgets.

Whitehaven Beach in Australia is known for its white sands which is made of 98% silica brought over by sea currents over millions of...

In Japan, it is perfectly okay to slurp your noodles.

  Noodle dishes, such as ramen and soba, are common in Japan and according to Japanese tradition, the best way to eat them is by...
aye aye

Aye-ayes can find food by tapping wood.

  The aye-aye is one of only two animals who 'finger tap' to find food. What they do is they tap a tree with their...

In Latin America, it is bad luck for expectant mothers to look at eclipses.

  It is believed that if they do, their babies may become deformed, particularly develop cleft lips or club feet.  


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