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Weird Facts


Nails now grow faster than they did 70 years ago.

  According to researchers at the University of North Carolina, the average thumbnail now grows 3.55 mm a month whereas it used to grow just 3 mm a month. They...
Traffic Light

The first traffic light was invented before the first car.

The first traffic light was used in 1868 whereas the modern automobile was invented in 1886. It wasn't electric, though, but a gas lamp that was used to keep...
Beverly Hills High School

A high school in Los Angeles earns money from oil.

  The Beverly Hills High School has 19 oil wells in its campus, which produce about 400 barrels of oil a day. As a result, the school earns about $300,000...

Vegemite, Australia’s national toast spread, is made only in Melbourne.

  Vegemite is a food paste made from yeast extract and various vegetables and spices. It is produced only at a factory in Fisherman's Bend.
Neptune and its methane

It rains diamonds on Neptune

Scientists believe the frequent release of methane into Neptune's atmosphere and the high temperatures of its surface may well lead to diamonds being formed in the atmosphere which then...


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