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Weird Facts

Hellmann's Mayonnaise

A man in Oklahoma was arrested for washing his hair with mayonnaise.

  Apparently, he thought it was shampoo. The real crime, though, was that he washed his hair at a public fountain, disturbing several people.  

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s tallest steel arch bridge.

  Opened in 1932, the top of the bridge is 439 feet above the harbor. It is also the fifth longest bridge in the world.
Starbucks Coffee

One grande brewed coffee from Starbucks has four times more caffeine than a can...

  One grande-sized cup of brewed coffee from Starbucks, which is about 16 ounces, contains roughly 330 milligrams of coffee whereas an 8.46-ounce can of...

A substance from fish bladder is used to make wine and beer.

  Isinglass is a substance found in the swim bladders of fish and once dried, it is used in the processing of wine and beer,...

Potassium can start a fire in water.

  Potassium can ignite hydrogen in the air, which is why it can start fires. Water is also made up of hydrogen, too, though, so...


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