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Weird Facts

Pop Corn

The Aztecs invented popcorn.

The Aztecs popped corn and used the burst flowers as ornaments for their headdresses and offerings to Tlaloc, the god of maize and fertility.
African puff adder

The fangs of an African puff adder can pierce through leather.

  African puff adders have such long fangs they are able to kill prey without venom and penetrate even soft leather.  

Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain.

  As of 2013, Subway has 40,695 branches in 102 countries. McDonald's comes second.  

The people of Madrid are often compared to cats.

  Madrilenos or the people of Madrid are also called gatos or cats. Why? It's because of a legend that when Madrid was invaded by...
The Sun

The Sun is 99.8% of the Solar System

99.8% of the total mass of our Solar System comes from the Sun. Watch videos of the incredible power of the Sun...


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