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Weird Facts

Spartan Men

Spartan men were not allowed to marry until they were 30.

  In Sparta, men were required to live in military barracks until they were 30. Only after could they marry and most of them did since marriage was an important...

The most successful pilot of World War 1 shot down at least 80 planes.

His name was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, though he was more popularly known as the 'Red Baron', and he was a fighter pilot in the Imperial German Army...
Mc Donalds Toys

McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world.

  Every year, McDonald's - yes, the food chain - distributes 1.5 million toys every year. About 20 percent of its sales go to Happy Meals which were first invented...
aye aye

Aye-ayes can find food by tapping wood.

  The aye-aye is one of only two animals who 'finger tap' to find food. What they do is they tap a tree with their thinnest finger and if they...
Spartans Facts

Spartan youths were flogged as a test of endurance.

  Most Spartan males were meant to live the rest of their lives as soldiers. They went to military school from the tender age of 7 and upon reaching their...


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