Narwhals Facts!

Narwhales by Glenn Williams PD Image

Narwhals Facts!

Illustration of Narwhals from “Life of Animals Part 1, Chapter 12: Sirens, Chapter 13: Walvisch-like” by AE Brehm. PD Image

The Narwhals are a whale species that lives in the cold waters of the Arctic. They are between 4 and 6 meters in length and have bluish-grey skin with white blotches, with the age of the narwhals determined by their skin color. Narwhals are darkest at birth and fade to almost entirely white when they are very old.

The diet of the narwhals consists of sea creatures such as fish, cod, shrimp, and squid. The narwhals’ skin is very rich in vitamin C. The Inuit people hunted the narwhals for their skin, tusks and also as a source of food.

Narwhal Tusks

Narwhales by Glenn Williams PD Image

The most distinguishing feature of the narwhals is their “tusk”. Mostly males have the tusk but about 15% of females also have the tusk though it is much shorter than the males’. The tusk grows throughout their life and can reach lengths of up to 10 ft. During medieval times, the narwhal tusks that washed up on shores where thought to be from the unicorns. The tusk is actually an extended canine tooth. The narwhals have two canine teeth; one extends to a tusk while the other remains in the mouth.

There have been some very rare incidents where a narwhal had two tusks. The outer part of the tusk is soft while the inner core is tough, this is very unlike other teeth, but makes the tusk flexible as well as strong. The exact function of the tusk is still uncertain.

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