top 10 weird Phobias

Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

Freaky Fears: The Top 10 Weirdest Phobias We all have things that we fear and our fears are often ones that seem irrational to other people. When those fears reach...

A substance from fish bladder is used to make wine and beer.

  Isinglass is a substance found in the swim bladders of fish and once dried, it is used in the processing of wine and beer, particularly to make these beverages...

The first thermometer was filled with brandy.

  It is unsure who invented the thermometer but it was once filled with brandy instead of mercury and apparently, was accurate enough.  
Mickey and Minnie

One of Mickey Mouse’s voice actors married the voice actress of Minnie Mouse.

  Wayne Allwine voiced Mickey Mouse from 1977 to 2009. In 1991, he married Russi Taylor who was the voice actress of Minnie Mouse since 1986.  
Nerf Super Soaker

The NERF Super Soaker was invented by a NASA Engineer.

  Specifically, it was invented by Lonnie Johnson, who worked in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Like many other inventions, it was an accident - he was trying to make a...

Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain.

  As of 2013, Subway has 40,695 branches in 102 countries. McDonald's comes second.  

Mr. Potato Head

  Long before Mr. Potato Head was featured on 'Toy Story', it was on television. In fact, it was the first toy to have a TV commercial back in 1952.  
Mc Donalds Toys

McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world.

  Every year, McDonald's - yes, the food chain - distributes 1.5 million toys every year. About 20 percent of its sales go to Happy Meals which were first invented...

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