Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

top 10 weird Phobias

Freaky Fears: The Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

We all have things that we fear and our fears are often ones that seem irrational to other people. When those fears reach the level where even the thought of the object of our fear causes intense anxiety then they become phobias. Many people have common and well-known phobias such as arachnophobia (a fear of spiders) or claustrophobia (a fear of small, confined spaces). Along with those common phobias that most people can understand (even if they don’t share them) there are some phobias that are just plain weird and unexpected. In this article, we look at the top ten weirdest phobias out there.

top 10 weird Phobias

10. Plutophobia: Fear of Money

Most of us love money or at least want money. If we found the stray ten-dollar bill on the ground and couldn’t identify who it belonged to we would be glad to keep it for ourselves. Bizarrely, there are some people who have a fear of money. The thought of winning the lottery inspires dread in them and they feel anxiety when they have to deal with dollars.

9. Geliophobia: Fear of Laughter

It may seem odd but some people fear laughter, not being laughed at which is a different phobia, but they actually fear laughter itself. These folks would view seeing a funny movie with as much dread as some people view seeing a horror movie. The canned laugh track of a sitcom wouldn’t annoy them but rather make them feel uncomfortable or, in extreme cases, even hyperventilate. It’s no laughing matter to those who suffer from this odd phobia!

8. Chaetophobia: Fear of hair

It might be understandable for people to have a fear of losing their hair, but some people actually fear hair itself. They don’t even like touching their own hair. A trip to the salon or barbershop can provoke anxiety- all those clumps of hair all over the floor. Those unfortunate folks don’t find a head full of thick tresses luxurious, the find it frightening. A hair-raising phobia indeed!

7. Venustraphobia: Fear of Beautiful Women

While most people might admire beauty in all of its forms, including a beautiful woman, some people feel anxiety around beautiful women. They might feel so intimidated that they can’t speak or even have trouble breathing. We often assume that beautiful women attract people and receive the benefit of being well treated because of their appearance but, for some people, beauty incites fear instead of attraction.

6. Omphalophobia- Fear of Navels

Belly buttons are sort of a funny thing to most people. Whether you have an “innie” or an “outie” we all have that remnant of where we were once attached to our mother while in the womb. For some people, the sight of a navel is enough to cause a cold sweat. They are averse to the sight of them would certainly never enjoy watching a belly dance!

5. Papaphobia: Fear of the Pope

People often have strong opinions about the Pope. Catholics view him as their spiritual leader and typically admire him but other people are downright hostile toward the office of the Pope and toward the Catholic Church. Depending on the particular Pope who is in office, some people might admire him and others dislike him. But surprisingly, some people actually go a step further and are scared of the Pope. For some, they suffer such an intense fear of the Pope that attending a papal audience would the stuff of nightmares for them.

4. Euphobia: Fear of Good News

When someone says, “I have good news and bad news,” most people look forward to hearing the good news. A few people dread hearing the good news. It is hard to believe but they find the idea of receiving good news provokes anxiety. Perhaps they are simply afraid of being happy?

3. Kathisophobia: Fear of Sitting Down

Lately we have been hearing that sitting is damaging to our health and that we should stand and move as much as possible. This is good news for people that are afraid to sit down. They don’t look forward to getting off their feet after a long day of standing. They would rather stand than sink down into a comfortable chair.

2. Ideophobia: Fear of Ideas

A good idea is worth its weight in gold but some people are frightened by ideas. They don’t like reading about the latest scientific discovery or engaging in lively discussions about the latest advancements that affect how they do their job. They fear the sort of innovative ideas that most people embrace.

1. Phobophobia: Fear of Phobias

Much the way hypochondriacs fear getting a disease that they don’t have, some people are actually phobic about having a phobia. They experience anxiety over having even the common phobias that many people live with. For people suffering from this there truly is nothing to fear but fear itself!


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