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101 polar animal facts

101 Facts… Polar Animals!

Over 101 amazing facts about these tough and highly adapted animals.

It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about these incredible creatures.

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Five Quick Facts:

  1. Emperor penguins are the only penguins that have specially designed nasal passages, enabling them to recapture about eighty percent of the heat they lose when they exhale.
  2. The wandering albatross has the largest wingspan of all birds, reaching up to 11 feet 6 inches (3.5 meters). Because of this, it can fly without flapping its wings for several hours.
  3. Southern elephant seals can stay on land for long periods of time – up to three months without eating, simply surviving off their thick blubber.
  4. The barnacle goose gets its name from an old legend, which said that the birds were born in the water, starting out as barnacles.
  5. The Greenland shark’s meat is poisonous, containing a toxin that produces the same effect as extreme drunkenness, with most who eat it unable to stand afterwards.

Taken from ‘101 Facts… Polar Animals‘ by IP Factly
Many of the animals included in the book are listed below.

Follow the links for the animal’s video playlist:

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