Bearded Seal

Bearded Seal

Bearded Seal…

Bearded Seal
Bearded Seal by Lee Dyer cc 2.0

These seals have thick whiskers that look like a beard, which is why they are called bearded seals. They mostly live on floating ice, or under it. They sometimes even sleep in the water, with their heads popped out so they can breathe. They make breathing holes by pushing their heads through thin ice.

These seals use their whiskers to find food as they hunt close to the bottom of the ocean. Polar bears and killers whales are the bearded seals’ main predators. Killer whales will even overturn floating ice to hunt them.

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The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about bearded seals. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. bearded seal by maartenloonen
  2. Courtship sound of Bearded Seal by ma2movie
  3. Ninja Polar Bear Attacks Bearded Seal Fail – Narrated by David Tennant by JohnDownerProd
  4. Crittercam: Bearded Seals – Svalbard by NatGeoOceans
  5. Unbelievable song of the bearded seal by Holley Muraco
  6. Bearded seal resting on an iceberg by Bruce Taterka


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