Link #112: You Can Hear Your Organs Work in a Special Room!

Large Drive-In EMC Test Chamber


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Link #112: You Can Hear Your Organs Work in a Special Room!

A large drive-in EMC RF anechoic test chamber.
A large drive-in EMC RF anechoic test chamber. Image credit: Binarysequence, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In our last post, we spoke about how the rhythm of your heartbeat changes according to the music you’re listening to. This means that the sounds around us influence us in various ways but what happens if you don’t have any sound around you?

What we’re talking about is complete and utter silence. This is the type of silence that you get in space. This is something that you can test by going into the world’s quietest room. In fact, this room is so silent that you’d be able to hear your own organs working if you went inside it!

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How Does the Quietest Room Kill Sound?

As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the quietest room or anechoic chamber can kill 99.99 percent of sound inside it by simply not reflecting the sound. Testing revealed that the sound levels in the room are actually only at -9 decibels.

In comparison, the other quiet chambers in the world have sound levels of 30 decibels. However, the big question is how this chamber achieves such levels of silence. The secret lies in the materials that the room has been constructed with. On the outside of this room is concrete about one foot thick.

Inside the concrete, the room has an insulated double layer of steel walls. Inside these walls are almost three and a half feet thick acoustic wedges made of fibreglass. Each of these materials, along with the style of construction, is aimed at keeping sound from reflecting off any surface inside the room.

What Can You Hear in the World’s Quietest Room?

If you spend a few minutes in the world’s quietest room, you can actually hear your own organs working. The room isn’t exactly the most silent room in the world because you and your body will make sounds inside the room.

Instead, the room is actually anechoic. This means that no sound inside the room gets reflected. The room is made up of highly absorptive material that prevents sound from being reflected.

What Will Happen to You Inside the Quietest Room in the World?

Hallucination. Image credit: Al2, GFDL.

You’re most probably thinking that the quietest room in the world would be perfect for you because you’re sick and tired of all the noise around you. However, you would be wrong because no one has been able to withstand the silent room for more than 45 minutes.

The silence in the room is so pregnant that it can be unbearable for most people. Usually, people crumble to the sound of silence within a period of 30 minutes. In fact, 30 minutes is considered to be a respectable time according to the owner of the room. 30 minutes is all he can spend in the room.

The main reason why no one is able to stand the room for long is because our brains are wired to expect sound. In fact, we orient ourselves on the basis of sounds around us. This is why people spending more than a few minutes inside this anechoic room start hallucinating!

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