Culpeo Facts!

Culpeo by Christian Mehlführer, User:Chmehl cc3.0

Culpeo Facts!

Culpeo by Christian Mehlführer, User:Chmehl cc3.0

The culpeo is a reddish-grey fox native to South America, where it lives in a wide variety of habitats, from rainforest to desert to plateau. Measuring 23.5 to 47 inches (60 to 119 centimeters) long, it is the second-largest native canid on that continent.

Distribution of Pseudalopex culpaeus (Culpeo, Andes Fox, Andes Jackal). Image credit: TBjornstad GFDL v1.2

Although the culpeo is not listed as Threatened or Endangered, its population has decreased in some areas, mainly due to being hunted for its fur or to prevent it from eating domestic livestock.

Culpeo diet_Lycalopex_culpaeus_andinus_-_Zorro_culpeo
Culpeo eating a vicuña at El Tatio – San Pedro de Atacama – Chile. Image credit: Hector Bottai cc3.0

This fox is not very picky, however, and will eat a range of available prey: rabbits, hares, birds, insects, eggs, birds, fruit and carrion.

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