Red Fox Facts!


…Amazing Animal Books


Red foxes are featured in the following book:
101 Facts… Wild Dogs, Wolves and Foxes!

The YouTube video playlist below contains videos about these awesome animals. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America by Discovery
  2. Red Fox Puppies by nwwmark
  3. cute red fox HD by Canadian Girl
  4. The Red Fox Family by Irish Wildlife Filmed By Paul Hughes
  5. Fox Snow Dive – Yellowstone – BBC Two by BBC
  6. Red Fox vs. Walrus – Natural World – Walrus: Two Tonne Tusker Preview – BBC Two by BBC
  7. Eagles in the Snow – Secret Japan – BBC Earth by BBC Earth
  8. NATURE “Christmas in Yellowstone” | Fox Hunt | PBS by PBS


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