Softshell Turtles


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Softshell Turtles are featured in the following book:
101 Facts… Turtles!

The YouTube video playlist below contains a video about Softshell Turtles. Details of the videos featured are underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Softshell Turtle BITES AT CAMERA by Enter The Wilderness
  2. The Spiny Softshell Turtle: Ontario Wildlife Video Series by Ryan M. Bolton
  3. Giant African Softshell Turtles(Trionyx triunguis) In Israel River by jimbo Bagginsz
  4. Baby Spiny Softshell Turtle by TheSnakeLibrary
  5. Spiny Softshell Turtle in Lake Champlain by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  6. Cambodian monks help protect rare turtles by AFP news agency


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