Link #110: Listening From Your Right Ear Increases Your Understanding!



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Link #110: Listening From Your Right Ear Increases Your Understanding!

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In our last post, we described how Arctic hares have evolved shorter ears to conserve heat. We also mentioned that they compensate for their shorter ears by standing up on their hind legs so that their ears can catch sounds of danger from afar. The sense of hearing is an important one for most animals.

We’ve used it for everything ranging from sensing danger in prehistoric times to learning new things in the modern world. However, did you know that your right ear is better for learning things than your left ear? This means that if you listen from your right ear then your chances of understanding something increases!

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Is the Right Ear Better Than the Left Ear for Understanding?

Image credit: Orange_Beard, CC BY 2.0)

Listening from the right ear is indeed better than the left ear, if your objective is to understand a difficult concept. Research has shown that humans have a tendency to instinctively rely on their right ears when understanding becomes a challenge. For example, there was a study where people were observed in a situation where loud music was playing.

The findings of the observation showed that most people tended to listen to conversations from their right ears to understand what was being said. The big question then is why do people favour their right ear over their left ear when understanding is important?

Why Is the Right Ear Better for Understanding?

Cerebral Hemispheres. Author: BruceBlaus, (CC BY 3.0)

The right ear is connected to the left hemisphere of the brain while the left ear is connected to the right. The situation is the same in the case of left-handed and right-handed people. The left brain hemispheres of right-handed people dominate the right brain hemispheres with the opposite being true for left-handed people.

The left hemisphere of the brain is better at understanding speech, words, and language while the right hemisphere of the brain is better at comprehending music. Therefore, when you favour your right ear, you’re actually trying to learn something or, at the very least, understand something.

Understanding music is different from understanding words. When listening to music, getting the sense of the tune is more important than the individual tones in it. In contrast, when listening to speech, unless you know what individual words mean, you can’t understand what is being said.

Do Artistic People Have More Active Left Brain Hemispheres?

Left handed female artist. Image credit: Peter van der Sluijs, GFDL.

The right hemisphere is also said to be more visual and artistic in nature. What does this mean on the ground? It’s a well-established myth that the occurrence of left-handed people amongst artists is much higher than left-handed people in the whole population.

This could be because the right brain hemispheres of left-handed people are more dominant or, at least, as dominant as their left brain hemispheres. Another way to look at this is to say that left-handed people are more artistic than right-handed people.

There was even a study conducted where left- and right-handed people were interviewed with respect to their careers. The findings showed that left-handed people were more drawn to artistic careers than right-handed individuals.

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