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Charles Darwin - Biography

Charles Darwin – Just the Facts!

Charles Robert Darwin was an English scientist who published his theories on the origin of many species, including humans. He believed in evolution, which is a term (used for over 2000 years) to describe how organisms change over time and adapt to their environment. In most countries, it is generally accepted that evolution is something that happened and continues to happen.

In the 1800s, when Charles was working on his theory, the consensus by many, including some scientists, was that the earth was created in seven days by God. Darwin challenged these ideals and worked tirelessly despite his ill health, to prove himself. By the time of his death, Charles Darwin was known to many as the man who made an impossible theory seem possible.

His theories still stand today and have been built upon by younger scientists who grew up with Darwin as their inspiration; Charles Darwin has become the father of the modern theory of evolution.

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