Link #126: Baby Teeth Grow Two Weeks into the Pregnancy!



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Link #126: Baby Teeth Grow Two Weeks into the Pregnancy!

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In our last article, we mentioned how Adolph Hitler, the worst dictator ever seen on the planet, had a sweet tooth like a baby. We explained how his love for sweet things was so great that he used to have a cake, called Fuhrer cake, before bed every night. Having a sweet tooth is seen as something innocent.

In fact, it’s something that most babies have. The only reason the adults stop them from having as many sweets as they want is that it isn’t good for their teeth. The human body only forms teeth twice in its lifetime, but the first time is while the baby is still in the womb!

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When Do Teeth Start Forming?

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We have two types of teeth. The first type is known as the primary teeth, baby teeth or milk teeth. These are temporary teeth that are usually replaced by permanent or adult teeth which are the second type of teeth. While these two sets of teeth may show up at different times in a baby’s life, they’re formed much earlier.

So, the big question is at what stage in a person’s life do primary and permanent teeth start their development? Both these sets of teeth actually start their development while the baby is still in the mother’s womb.

Primary teeth start forming anywhere between six to eight weeks of pregnancy while permanent teeth begin developing around the 20th week. While it may surprise you that your teeth began developing so early in your life, it’s extremely imperative for teeth to start developing at these times. In fact, if a baby’s teeth don’t start developing at these times, then they will never develop at all!

When Do Primary Teeth Show Up?

Teething baby: first sign of the lower right incisor breaking through. Author: Daniel Schwen/CC BY-SA 4.0

There isn’t any defined timeline that primary teeth follow in terms of their appearance. Primary teeth usually show up when a baby is about six months old. However, some babies are known to get their first primary tooth at the age of three months while others don’t get it till they’re 18 months old.

These teeth are formed in the child’s jaw. This means that they have to not only push through the gums, but also the bone even before they reach the gums. When the primary teeth are trying to push through the gums, they may make the gums look swollen and red.

Even after primary teeth have come out entirely, the process of teething isn’t complete. These teeth have to now develop their roots so as to become stronger and more stable.

What Determines When the Teeth Come Out?

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There are various things that play a role in determining when a baby’s teeth come out. As mentioned, a baby can get his first tooth at any time between three months and 18 months.

The first major factor that determines when a baby’s teeth come out is heredity. This means that the timing of the appearance of the first tooth will be similar to how it was for its parents. In addition, nutrition and the health of the mother during pregnancy also play key roles.

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