Anne Frank Biography Book

Anne Frank Biography Book

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Anne Frank – Just the Facts!

Anne Frank Biography

“Anne Frank was a normal Jewish young girl who was born 10 years before the Second World War began. Anne loved reading and writing, and for her 12th birthday received an autograph book that she would use as a diary. Little did Anne know but her diary would become an international best seller. It documents the events of the war as seen through the eyes of a young girl; it shows us the real tragedy of war and the holocaust.”

Anne Frank – Just the Facts!by IP Factly

Anne Frank Biography Videos

Videos included in the player below give you some more facts about the girl herself and the awful period of history in which she lived.
Details of the videos are listed underneath.

The Playlist:

  • Animation of Anne Frank, the graphic biography by Anne Frank House
  • Visit The Secret Annex Online in English, Dutch or German! by Anne Frank House
  • Anne Frank – A Life In Pictures by Robby B
  • Otto Frank talks about Annes diary by Anne Frank House
  • Woman Who Helped Hide Anne Frank Dies by AssociatedPress