Urban hyenas scavenge on those sleeping rough!

Spotted Hyena

All cities have mammals that scavenge but there are no cities on Earth that has as scary a scavenger as Addis Ababa.
It’s the capital of Ethiopia and hyenas prowl the streets, sometimes in large gangs, looking for meals. Stories and now being told of attacks on humans that sleep rough within the city.

The hyena is a large dog-like animal that can grow over five feet long and weigh more than 150 pounds. It has a bite force stronger than all the big cats except the jaguar and a pack of thirty-five hyenas have been seen eating an entire zebra in thirty-six minutes. Man-eating hyenas are rare but in 1962 a pair of particularly large spotted hyenas were shot after having killed at least 27 people near the town of Mlanje in Malawi.

Read more about the story at bbc.co.uk and see hyenas in action at ipfactly.com/spotted-hyenas.
Image by Yathin S Krishnappa cc3.0


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