Nelson Mandela – Biography !

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Nelson Mandela Biography

Nelson Mandela – Biography !

One of the most incredible people in the world’s recent history – Nelson Mandela – the man whose strength, determination and forgiveness inspired a generation.

Nelson Mandela Biography Videos
Videos giving you some more facts about the man himself and a deeper understanding of how he did the things he did and the effect he had on others.
Details of the videos are listed underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Nelson Mandela Biography: Life and Accomplishments of a South African Leader by
  2. Nelson Mandela Tribute: Remembering South Africa’s first black president by ITN
  3. Nelson Mandela Death: A Look at South Africa’s First Black President – Documentary by The New York Times
  4. Nelson Mandela’s first TV interview in 1961 by ITN reporter Brian Widlake by ITN
  5. Nelson Mandela Death: Six New York Times Journalists Remember Him by The New York Times
  6. Remembering South African leader Nelson Mandela by PBS NewsHour