Canada Lynx Facts!

Canada Lynx Facts!

Canada Lynx
Image of a Canada Lynx captured about 40 km south of Whitehorse, Yukon. Image credit: Keith Williams cc2.0

The Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat that can be easily identified by its flared facial ruff, long ear tufts and black-tipped, short bobtail. Since its front legs are shorter than its hind legs, it can look as though it is stooping. It has large, round feet adapted to support its weight in the snow, rather like snowshoes. The lynx marks its territory by spraying urine or depositing feces around the ground, and also leaves marks in trees.

Canada Lynx Approaching
Canada Lynx Approaching by Eric Kilby cc2.0

The Canada lynx is a nighttime hunter, and has large eyes and an excellent sense of hearing to aid it in the dark. However, the lynx is not a very fast runner, so it has to be very cunning and patient during the hunt. Sometimes it will sit still and wait for hours for its prey, usually the snowshoe hare, to come close. It has to catch its prey within the first few seconds, because it will soon tire if it has to run a long distance.

Canada Lynx Crazy Face
Image credit Eric Kilby cc2.0

Its canines are laced with nerves that enable it to feel when it bites into prey, which is also helpful in the dark. If the lynx can’t consume the whole meal in one sitting, it will cover it up and save it for later.

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