Link #75: The Average Swiss Person Eats 240 Bars of Chocolate per Year!


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Link #75: The Average Swiss Person Eats 240 Bars of Chocolate per Year!

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As per our last article, Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Google, sanctioned research to create lab grown hamburgers. He did it because he probably knew how difficult it is for people to stop eating non vegetarian food and how poorly the animals are treated for getting that meat.

As much as people love non vegetarian food items like hamburgers, there’s something that they love even more. This is chocolate. The majority of the world’s population enjoys chocolate and most people need their chocolate fix once a week at least.

Kids are, in fact, usually stopped from eating too much chocolate. However, if your mother tells you that you eat too much chocolate, she hasn’t met someone from Switzerland. What do we mean by this? Read on and you might just have a way to convince your mother to let you have chocolate!

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The Swiss Eat the Most Chocolate in the World

Swiss chocolate truffles and pralines of Lindt & Sprüngli by cc2.0

Switzerland is widely known to be chocolate country. They produce some of the yummiest and tastiest chocolates in the world. However, they’re also ahead of everyone else in the world when it comes to eating those chocolates. After all, how can anyone resist all those exotic chocolates especially since they’re cheap to the Swiss!

So, how much chocolate do the Swiss eat? An average Swiss person eats around 240 bars of chocolate every year. That means 1 bar of chocolate every one and a half days! It’s no surprise people consider Switzerland to be heaven on Earth.

This works out to a per person average of approximately 11.9 kg per capita. Since a typical chocolate bar is in the range of 40 to 50 grams, the annual consumption is 240 bars. The country with the second highest consumption of chocolate is Ireland. Every Irish citizen eats 9.9 kg of chocolate per year on an average.

Why Do We Love Chocolates So Much?

Chocolate-covered peanut butter hearts
Chocolate-covered peanut butter hearts by Korona Lacasse cc2.0

One of the major reasons why we love chocolates so much is their scent. Chocolates have a unique scent. When we smell this scent, it leads to the release of theta waves inside our brains.

These theta brain waves are responsible for making us loosen up and relax. Have you ever seen people seek out some kind of chocolate when they’re stressed? Well, this is most probably the reason for it. After they’ve eaten loads of chocolate, they’re relaxed and feel better about whatever it was that they were worried about.

Chocolates Have Great Health Benefits!

Chocolates were first discovered by the Aztecs. Aztecs had a bitter version of chocolate but they considered it to be very beneficial for a person’s health. They believed chocolate to be useful for improving the human digestive system, preventing heart related disease, and even improving moods.

Modern science has proven a lot of these things too. For instance, it is a well-known fact that if you eat dark chocolate every day then you’ll be reducing the chances of getting heart disease by one third.

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