Octopus! Early Reader Book

octopus early reader book

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“Amazing says it all! I love (and so do my grandchildren) all the books in this genre. So educational and holds their attention and they ask for more. Keep them coming!” Ravens desk (Amazon Review)

The Amazing Octopus!

This book looks at one of the most incredible creatures in the world – the octopus. Aimed at the under 8’s it has short, snappy facts and incredible photos. If you haven’t already bought it visit Amazon to buy it today!

To learn more about Octopuses, visit:

Here we have some specially selected video footage. The YouTube video below contains a playlist of 12 videos to watch and enjoy, the list of videos featured is underneath.

List of Playlist Videos

  1. The Octopus and the Beer Bottle by margaret104
  2. Most intelligent Mimic Octopus in the world by FullKanal
  3. Octopus Vs. Snake Eel BATTLE!by Adam Spielvogel
  4. Octopus Escape! by Capo2u
  5. Octopus Kills Shark by NationalGeographic
  6. Giant Pacific Octopus by DiscoveryNetworks
  7. Giant Pacific Octopus Hatch Sept 2010 by Seainggreen
  8. Blue Ring Octopus by jpatersonphotograph
  9. Blue-Ringed Octopus Catches Crab from BlennyWatcher.com by blennywatcher
  10. Hudson2010 720P Dumbo by ROPOSROV
  11. Octopus Ballet by RSNOOI
  12. Rare life on the sea floor- The Abyss by BBCWorldwide


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