Killer Whales – The World’s Most Powerful Predators!


Killer Whales! The World's Most Powerful Predators!

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“I just did a project on or orcas and I think I got a+ on it. From your book I learned a lot more from you I didn’t even know half the stuff I know now you made me a lot smarter. Thanks, Aaron Weir” (Amazon Review)
“Wonderful book on killer whales. It has great photos and video links. My daughter is writing a book report on this book. Highly recommended!” (Amazon Review)
“My congratulations to the publishers of this book… This is more than a book, it is a well illustrated and well written book, but each idea, each sub-section of the book is linked to a video. The most amazing video I saw was a “KILLER WHALE VS. WHITE SHARK”. Who do you think wins? It is not even a fight, it is a slaughter, the huge white shark is next seen upside down in the killer whales’ jaws… and the killer whale comes back to where the tourists are to show them and boast that it won!!!

Unbelievable! I would have nightmares except that killer whales have never attacked humans. They seem to know that they shouldn’t attack humans… and they communicate with humans, because they know we’re interested in watching them, too.

I envy a teacher who would have this book to teach a class of children about killer whales. What a way to teach a fascinating lesson! I loved this book, and I will tell teachers to not miss it.
Five stars, because I couldn’t give it ten stars.” (Amazon Review)

Buy this killer whale book at


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Here we look at the most powerful predator in the world – the killer whale.

Here’s a handy page that can be printed out showing the different types of killer whales.

We’ve split the videos into helpful sections.
Just click on the links below to go to the video page.


Orca’s complex matriarchal society:

Wild Kingdom- Orca Matriarch


What will killer whales eat?

Killer Whales Attacking A Sealion

Orcas Hunting King Penguins


How killer whales teach their young:

Orca young shown how to hunt

Killer whales hunting minke whale

Orcas teaching how to wave wash


Orca intelligence – competing with fishermen.

Killer Whales Taking Fishermen’s Tuna

Killer Whales and Sonar Tracking


Orca intelligence – hunting smart:

Spy hopping killer whales

Killer whale hunting in a unique way

Killer whales decide not to eat dog

Captive killer whale kills pelican


Orca hunting intelligence – beaching:

Killer whales vs. sea lions

Killer Whale Beaches Itself to Attack Sea Lion


Orca hunting intelligence – wave washing:

Killer whales wave wash seal

Orcas hunting seal on ice floe in Antarctica


Orca hunting intelligence – disabling prey and drowning:

Killer whale attack on sea lions

Killer Whale vs. Sea Lion Attack Method

Orca vs dolphin


Killer whales – wolves of the sea:

Killer Whales Target Prey

Orcas vs sperm whales – attack on a female and her young bull calf!


Great white shark vs. orca – tonic immobility (an orca’s secret weapon).

Great white shark vs orca. Who wins?


Orca fishing intelligence – carousel feeding:

Killer whale goes fishing


Killer whales and humans – whaling together:

Orcas – killers in Eden


Wild killer whales not attacking humans:

Diving with killer whales

Swimming with orcas

Dive with Killer Whales

A wild orca plays with human friend

Kayaking and a VERY close experience with Killer Whales

Crushed in a kayak by a killer whale!


Humans… a problem for orcas:

Dr. Ingrid Visser Speaks on Orcas in Captivity

Analysis of Captive Orca Kasatka attacking Trainer Ken Peters

PCB’s In British Columbia’s Killer Whales


Humans… helping orcas:

Orca research in Antarctica

Orca Guardians


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