Mourning Gecko

All mourning geckos are females.

  Scientists believe all of the remaining mourning geckos in the world are females and yet, they can still reproduce. Female mourning geckos can still lay eggs without males around,...

Ancient Egyptians wrote using only consonants.

  The form of writing used in Ancient Egypt called hieroglyphics has no vowels or punctuations, only consonants. It was a complex writing system, using thousands of symbols and pictures.  
Sense of Smell

Women smell better than men – in two ways.

  One study shows that men have a stronger smell that cannot be easily disguised by fragrances. Another shows that women have more sensitive noses and are able to pick...

In the past, the Olympics was played in the nude.

  In 720 BC, the Greek athletes who competed in the Olympic games did so without any clothes on or just a small strip of cloth. The Greek word for...
Six toed Cat

Ernest Hemingway loved six-toed cats.

  Normally, cats have five front toes but some have six and apparently, these were the ones Ernest Hemingway loved ever since he was give one by a ship's captain....

Diamonds can be made from peanut butter.

  But only under very high pressure and temperature so not everyone can do it. Also, the resulting diamond isn't shiny. It looks muddy because of the impurities in peanut...

Ancient Chinese nobles committed suicide by eating salt.

  Salt was expensive in ancient China so only the nobility could afford it. When committing suicide, they would consume one pound of salt, which was effective since as little...

You are taller in the morning than at night.

  When you wake up in the morning, you are about half an inch taller than you were the previous night. This is because while you slept, the body fluids...

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