Belly button lint

An Australian has three bottles of lint from his bellybutton.

  Graham Barker has been collecting lint from his bellybutton for the past 26 years and he now has three bottles containing more than 22 grams of each - worth...

Ancient Chinese nobles committed suicide by eating salt.

  Salt was expensive in ancient China so only the nobility could afford it. When committing suicide, they would consume one pound of salt, which was effective since as little...

Hurricanes were once named after saints.

  For a while in the past, hurricanes were named in honor of one of the saints celebrating his or her feast day on the day it was formed. From...

A mall in Australia uses classical music to ward off teenagers.

  The Westfield Knox shopping centre plays classical music in its parking lot to deter teenagers from hanging out there and disturbing other citizens.  

Penguins sneeze to get rid of salt.

  Penguins drink a lot of saltwater, though not intentionally. They just end up swallowing a lot while they are swimming. Too much salt isn't good for their bodies, though,...
Traffic cones

A man from the UK has a collection of over 100 traffic cones.

  Traffic cones may not seem like collectibles but they are to David Morgan who has a collection of 137 traffic cones - two thirds of all the types ever...

In Hungarian weddings, the groom drinks the celebratory toast from his bride’s shoe.

Following tradition, Hungarian grooms remove one of the brides' slippers and then drink a champagne flute out of the shoe. In the 18th century, the groom would also toss...

A Tuija bride cries before her wedding.

  Some brides cry during their weddings but among the Tuija people of central China, the bride cries one hour a day a month before her wedding. Ten days later,...

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