101 Facts… Sharks! … the WebBook

101 Facts… SHARKS! by IP Factly Sharks have been swimming the oceans for about four hundred million years. Fossil of Orthacanthus, a freshwater shark that went extinct about 225 million years ago. Sharks...
Young Panda in Chengdu Panda Base by La Priz CC6

8 amazing facts about Giant Pandas

8 amazing facts about Giant Pandas Giant Pandas are native to China and are one of the most recognisable animals in the world due to their distinctive black and white...
Polar bear and cubs by Karilop311

101 Facts – Polar Animals

101 Facts... Polar Animals! by IP Factly Over 101 amazing facts about these tough and highly adapted animals. Contents Introduction What Are the Earth’s Poles? Life in the Polar Regions Keeping Warm Finding Food Other Adaptations Antarctic Animals...

101 Facts… Dolphins!

101 Facts... DOLPHINS! by IP Factly Dolphins are some of the most recognizable creatures in the world. They are featured as the main attractions in marine parks all over the...
cat by ivva cc5

6 unusual facts about pet cats you probably didn’t know

6 Odd Domesticated Cat Facts Pet cats are strange, mysterious creatures. On the one hand, they’re small, fluffy little things that love a warm windowsill and the occasional scratch on...

101 Facts… Titanic

101 Facts… Titanic! WebBook by IP Factly Contents About the Titanic The Voyage The Sinking After the Sinking The Investigation The Wreck Final Facts Photo Credits About the Titanic RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912 The idea of building the...

101 Facts… Mongols!

101 Facts... Mongols! WebBook by IP Factly Over 101 amazing facts about the mighty Mongols. It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about the Mongol Empire...

101 World War I Facts

101 Facts... World War One! by IP Factly Over 101 fascinating facts about the first official world war in history. It contains incredible facts and contemporary photos that help illuminate one of...

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