The Neanderthals’ large eyes may have caused their extinction.

  Why did the Homo sapiens survive and the Neanderthals didn't? Scientists now believe the Neanderthals' large eyes may be to blame. Indeed, analysis of Neanderthal skulls shows that they...

Tuataras cannot replace their teeth.

  A tuatara's teeth are connected to its jawbone and when lost, cannot be replaced. As a tuatara gets older, it has to eat softer food like earthworms and slugs.  
Heart Beat Monitor

Link #164: An Electric Sleeve to Solve All Heart Problems

  Link #164: An Electric Sleeve to Solve All Heart Problems Electricity has changed the human civilisation as we know it. Since mankind learned to harness electricity, countless technological developments have...
Aztec Slave

Aztec slaves could have their own slaves.

  In the Aztec empire, slaves were treated well. They could have their own possessions and their own slaves. They could also marry their masters or buy their freedom. Their...

A substance from fish bladder is used to make wine and beer.

  Isinglass is a substance found in the swim bladders of fish and once dried, it is used in the processing of wine and beer, particularly to make these beverages...
Various electric toothbrush heads for Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush

Link #163: Electric Toothbrush Was First Marketed In 1939

  Link #163: Electric Toothbrush Was First Marketed In 1939 In our last post, we described how the stories of George Washington having wooden dentures were complete and utter myth. Instead,...
Swimming Pool

Throughout your life, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

  Each day, you make up to 2 liters of saliva. Saliva is important, after all. It not only helps in digestion and protects you teeth but without saliva, you...
Spartan Men

Spartan men were not allowed to marry until they were 30.

  In Sparta, men were required to live in military barracks until they were 30. Only after could they marry and most of them did since marriage was an important...

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