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101 marsupials facts

101 Facts… Marsupials!

Over 101 amazing facts about these remarkable animals.

It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about these incredible creatures.

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Five Quick Facts:

  1. The name “marsupial” comes from the Latin word “marsupium” which means “pouch”.
  2. Kangaroos can hop as fast as 25 miles per hour and as high as ten feet (3 meters) into the air
  3. Koalas have small brains in proportion to their body weight. Scientists believe this is due to the koala’s poor diet, which cannot provide enough energy to sustain a large brain.
  4. Opossums have a remarkable immune system. They are immune to the poison of various snakes, including rattlesnakes, pit vipers and water moccasins.
  5. Wombat droppings are cube-shaped! A wombat can deposit up to 100 of these each day, particularly on top of leaves, rocks and branches, to mark its territory.

Taken from ‘101 Facts… Marsupials!‘ by IP Factly

Most of the animals included in the book are listed below.
Follow the links for the animal’s video playlist:

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