Barn Owl Facts!

Barn Owl

Barn Owl Facts!

Barn Owl
Barn Owl by Airwolfhound cc2.0

Barn owls are nocturnal predators with pale coats and dark eyes. Unlike most owls, barn owls do not hoot in any way. Instead, they emit an ear-splitting screech and, when threatened, can even hiss like a snake. Barn owls are some of the most widely distributed birds in the world. However, they are birds with a short life span — most of them die within their first year.

Rodents, frogs and insects become prey to this owl. A family of barn owls, consisting of the nesting pair and their young, will eat more than a thousand rodents in a year! This actually makes them very economically valuable to farmers, because they reduce rodent populations. They are more effective than pesticides.

Barn Owl Eating
Barn Owl Eating by Dave cc2.0

Barn owls use their acute hearing to locate prey. Flying close to the ground, they swoop in with perfect accuracy and snatch it with their talons. They often eat smaller prey whole, even eating the bones. Larger prey, however, is torn apart and only the edible parts are consumed, while the inedible parts are thrown away.

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