101 Whale Facts Book

101 whales facts book

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101 whale facts book

101 Facts… Whales!

Over 101 great facts about these beautiful and awe-inspiring mammals of the sea.
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Seven Quick Facts:

  • Bowhead whales have been found that are over 200 years old.
  • Sperm whales have the largest brain of any animal, weighing about 17.2 pounds (7.8 kilograms).
  • A whale receives sounds through its throat. The sound then travels to the pad of fat in its cheeks to the inner ear.
  • The brains of whales have been found to contain spindle neurons, unique nerve cells which, for a long time were thought to be found only in the brains of humans. Because of these, whales are believed to have the same capacity as humans to learn, to cooperate, to rejoice and to grieve.
  • Whales give birth to only one offspring at a time, as often as every year or as rarely as once every twenty years.
  • Recent evidence, suggests that whales evolved from artiodactyls, plant-eating short-legged hoofed animals. This means that the closest living relatives of whales are hippos.
  • Sperm whales have two stomachs, one which crushes the food and another which is filled with gastric juices to digest the food.

Taken from ‘101 whale facts book‘ by IP Factly

Whale Video Pages:

Have a look at some of the whales in the book. Each webpage has awesome videos of the whales in action and includes more incredible facts about these beautiful creatures.

The Whales:



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