101 Facts – Roman Empire

101 roman empire facts

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101 roman empire facts

101 Facts… Roman Empire!

Over 101 amazing facts about Rome and the Roman Empire.

It contains facts, photos and awesome videos that show us more about this incredible civilization.

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Five Quick Facts:

  • When an emperor died, an eagle was usually released to carry his soul to heaven.
  • Emperor Trajan of Rome built the first shopping mall in the world. It had more than 150 stores and sold everything the average Roman could think of!
  • Some women, especially the poor, found it very profitable to look for infants abandoned in town dumps. They nurtured them so they could be sold as slaves when they grew up.
  • Ancient Romans believed that seeing an owl was bad luck
  • One of Rome’s greatest architectural feats was the Cloaca Maxima, or Great Sewage – it was the very first sewage system in the world.

Taken from ‘101 Facts… The Roman Empire‘ by IP Factly

A detailed playlist of the videos is listed below.

The Playlist:

  1. A Day In The Life… Of A 10-Year-Old In Roman Britain – Hands On History – BBC
  2. Mary Beard Introduces Us to a Resident of Ancient Rome – Meet the Romans with Mary Beard – BBC Two
  3. Some of the Remarkable Objects the Romans Left Behind – Meet the Romans with Mary Beard – BBC Two
  4. Mary Beard Shows us a Remarkable Ancient Roman Communal Tomb – Meet the Romans – Episode 2 – BBC Two
  5. Mary Beard Shows Us a Roman Gladiator’s Helmet – Meet the Romans with Mary Beard – BBC Two
  6. Decapitated Gladiators Found in England? by Discovery
  7. Spartacus Fights Rome – Spartacus – BBC Two
  8. British Warriors vs Roman Invaders – A History of Celtic Britain – Episode 3 – Preview – BBC Two
  9. Pompeii – Life and Death in a Roman Town ( Mary Beard ) by Cardo Maximus
  10. Roman House 3D by MelitaInsula
  11. A Tour through Ancient Rome in 320 C.E. by Smarthistory, Art History at Khan Academy
  12. Gladiator Games The Roman Bloodsport by popperslist
  13. Fact and Fiction of the Roman Coloseum (Documentrary) by VidShowcase


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