Walt Disney – Just the Facts!

Walt Disney – Just the Facts!

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Walt Disney Biography

Walt Disney – Just the Facts!

One of the most important people in American film history – Walt Disney – the man who created one of the best-loved companies in the world.
Some videos giving you some more facts about the man and his company plus some of his early animations are included in the player below.

Details of the videos are listed underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Mini BIO – Walt Disney
  2. The Walt Disney Story by DisneyParkVideos
  3. Walt Disney “It all Started With a Mouse” by DisneyWorldSecrets
  4. It All Started with a Mouse by DisneyWorldUSA
  5. A Vintage View of 1960’s Disneyland! by LoreneFaith
  6. Walt Disney Animations Steamboat Willie by disneyanimation
  7. Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse Classic Walt Disney 1928 Sound Cartoon by disneyanimation
  8. Walt Disney Treasures – Hawaiian Holiday (1937) by disneyanimation
  9. Silly Symphonies: The Country Cousin by disneyanimation
  10. Silly Symphonies: Merbabies by disneyanimation
  11. Donald Duck – Crazy over Daisy by disneyanimation

Other Biography Books include: