Saltwater Crocodiles


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Saltwater crocodiles are featured in the following books:
25 Top Predators in the World
25 Most Deadly Animals in the World
25 River Monsters
25 Australian Animals
101 Facts… Crocodiles!

The YouTube video below contains a playlist of videos about saltwater crocodiles. The list of videos featured is underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Saltwater Crocodiles – Maneaters by Animal Planet – Saltwater crocodiles – among the deadliest predators on earth.
  2. Attenborough: Bubble Blowing Salt Water Crocodiles – Life in Cold Blood – BBC wildlifeSir David Attenborough presents this epic wildlife documentary, exploring the world of cold blooded animals. Watch this underwater video to see the surprisingly gentle bubble-blowing courtship of the feared cold blooded killers, Salt Water Crocodiles. Brilliant high quality images from BBC natural history masterpiece, [easyazon-link asin=”B0018F0QS2″ locale=”us”]Life in Cold Blood[/easyazon-link].
  3. Saltwater Crocodile Does Death Roll – Swimming with Crocodiles BBC Two. Ben Fogle and pioneering science team are in Australia’s Northern Territory in an attempt to find, swim with and study a Saltwater crocodile. They have been unable to find suitable conditions in the trip so far but a wild crocodile has been captured in Darwin harbour. The team have a window of opportunity to swim with this crocodile, but first they have to get it back in the water. As they attempt to harness this enormous three-metre beast, it demonstrates the legendary death roll in an attempt to escape. A rare opportunity to see this primaeval hunting method up close.
  4. Baby King Cobra vs. Saltwater Crocodile by National Geographic – The longest venomous snake in the world, the king cobra, can find itself on the other end of the food chain.
  5. Sunrise: King of crocs by SunriseOn7 – A Queensland saltwater crocodile has regained his title as the world’s biggest croc held in captivity.


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