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Tigers are featured in the following books:
25 Top Predators in the World
25 Most Deadly Animals in the World
101 Facts… BIG CATS!

The YouTube video below contains a playlist of videos about tigers. The list of videos featured is underneath.

The Playlist:

  1. Launching Project Tiger – Battle to Save the Tiger – BBC – Sir David Attenborough narrates this fascinating insight into the ongoing battle to save one of the most endangered species of big cat, the tiger, from extinction
  2. Wild tiger cub – for the first time on film – David Attenborough – Tiger Spy in the Jungle – BBC – A young tiger cub – one of a littler of four – tumbles from the den, only to be carried back to safety in it’s mother’s massive jaws. Astonishing footage shot in the Indian jungle using cameras attached to elephants.
  3. Cute baby tiger cubs and population tracking – Battle to save the tiger – BBC wildlife & animals – A chance to see a host of cute tiger cubs caught in the wild on camera. Scientists and conservationists record the population of tigers in a number of Indian reserves to monitor the growth of the population and, in doing so, receive a fascinating insight into big cat behaviour. Great video narrated by Sir David Attenborough from BBC animal documentary ‘Battle to Save the Tiger’.
  4. Tiger fights with her mother to become queen – Natural World: Queen of Tigers – BBC Two – Machli fights with her mother over territory and position as Queen of Tigers.
  5. World’s Most Powerful Predator – Life of Mammals – BBC – Before human beings had weapons, as David Attenborough describes in The Life of Mammals, the Siberian tiger was the most powerful killer on Earth. Amazing footage of this beast in action from the BBC.
  6. Evolution of tigers – amazing CGI video – BBC science – This video clip shows how today’s siberian tiger would seem like a pussy cats in comparison its ancestors! Amazing CGI and animation from the BBC TV series The Science of Walking With Beasts.
  7. Hunting Lesson for the Tiger Cubs – David Attenborough – Tiger – Spy in the Jungle – BBC – A stunning tigress hunts a deer through thick grass in the Indian jungle, as her four beautiful cubs stay behind and watch. Ground breaking wildlife clip from BBC 1’s Tiger – Spy in the Jungle.
  8. Wild matriarch tiger in the Emerald Forest, India – BBC wildlife – An amazing insight into the temperament, territory and terrain of the wild tigers of the Emerald Forest. From the BBC.
  9. Conservation of tigers in the Emerald Forest. India – BBC wildlife – Would you be happy enough to climb down from the safety of an elephant’s back and get this close to a fully grown male tiger? The conservationists are doing it help these endangered big cats. From the BBC.
  10. Families and mating rituals of tigers of the Emerald Forest, India – BBC wildlife – Take a closer look at the mating rituals and family life of the tigers of the Emerald Forest. From the BBC.
  11. Risky courtship for tigers of the Emerald Forest, India – BBC wildlife – This brave young male is taking a big risk by invading another tiger king’s mating territory deep in the jungle. From the BBC.
  12. Sariska tiger extinction scandal – Battle to save the tiger – BBC wildlife & animals – Project Tiger, the Indian conservation project, is hit by a massive scandal as one of their premium reserves is revealed to have no tigers left. Scandalous poaching tales from Sir David Attenborough narrated BBC show ‘Battle to Save the Tiger’.


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