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Orca - Killer Whales!

Here we look at some footage of the incredible orca.

There are more videos available for older readers at ‘Killer Whales – The World’s Most Powerful Predators!

This book looks at one of the most amazing creatures in the world – the orca. Aimed at the under 8’s it has short, snappy facts and incredible photos.

Here’s a handy page that can be printed out showing the different types of killer whales.

Here we have some specially selected video footage.
The YouTube video below contains a playlist of 6 videos to watch and enjoy, the list of videos featured is underneath.

List of Playlist Videos

  1. Wild Kingdom- Orca Matriarch by Animal Planet
  2. A short video explaining more about the killer whale.

  3. Orcas hunting seal on ice floe in Antarctica by manfredthimme
  4. Here we can see orcas trying to catch a seal using wave washing. They keep trying, but they don’t succeed this time.

  5. A wild orca plays with human friend by Notsuredomus
  6. Here’s footage of a wild orca playing with someone on a boat.

  7. Swimming with orcas (killer whales) by Mary Lunn
  8. Lovely footage of Mary Lunn snorkeling with orcas off the coast of northern Norway.

  9. Giant Blue-Finned Tuna – Killer Whale – BBC
  10. Quick insight into how killer whales use fishermen to get their food.

  11. KILLER WHALE SWIMS WITH DOG – Orcas Hunting or Playing? by Animal Wire
  12. A close up look at how picky some orcas groups are with the prey they’ll take.


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