Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark teeth
Cookie Cutter Shark's teeth. Image credit: JSUBiology cc2.0

Cookie Cutter Shark…

Cookie Cutter Shark teeth
Cookie Cutter Shark’s teeth. Image credit: JSUBiology cc2.0

The cookiecutter shark is a 20-inch- (51-centimeter-) long fish found in the depths of all the oceans around the world. It is named for the cookiecutter-shaped holes it leaves behind in the flesh of the larger fish and whales it likes to feed on.

Pomfret with damage from a cookiecutter shark. By PIRO-NOAA Observer Program PD image

These holes show that the relatively small cookiecutter shark has an extremely unusual hunting method. The shark will attach to its victim’s side, creating suction with its lips and tongue. Then it anchors into the flesh with its narrow upper teeth, and rotates its entire body in a complete 360-degree turn, sawing out a plug of flesh with its serrated lower teeth. Sometimes it will even suck up a whole animal, like squid.

These sharks replace their whole lower set of teeth in one go, instead of losing them one by one, and then swallow the old teeth to conserve calcium.

The dark collar of the cookiecutter shark is believed to act as a lure. (Bioluminescence). By PIRO-NOAA Observer Program PD image

The cookie cutter shark makes use of bioluminescence to camouflage itself against the background light coming down from the ocean surface. Its underside glows a blue-green color, but a small part remains black. This deceives the shark’s prey into thinking that that it is even smaller than it is, and when the prey fish comes to attack, the cookiecutter will retaliate and successfully get another meal.

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Cookiecutter Shark Videos

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