Bull Sharks

Image credit: pterantula cc2.0

Bull Sharks…

Image credit: pterantula cc2.0

Large and stout, bull sharks are about 13 feet (4 meters) in length. They are a very common species, and also highly aggressive and unpredictable, which makes them extremely dangerous. These sharks have often been known to attack humans. This is because they inhabit very shallow waters where humans swim, and also because they are very territorial.

Bull shark. PD image

Bull sharks are not fast, but they make up for their lack of speed with their sheer strength. They use the bump-and-bite technique to tackle their prey. They bump their bodies against their prey, and the weight of the shark disorients the prey and sometimes even kills it. The shark then eats the prey before it recovers. Bull sharks feed on almost any water animal available to them, sometimes even other sharks.

Man fighting a bull shark
Man fighting a bull shark. Image credit: Clinton & Charles Robertson cc2.0

The tiger shark and the great white shark will attack the bull shark. As a way of defending themselves, bull sharks regurgitate their food so that a predator will stop to eat that, allowing the bull shark to escape. Humans, however, are an even bigger threat to them, targeted for their skin, liver oil, flesh and fins.

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The YouTube video below contains a playlist of videos about bull sharks. The list of videos featured is underneath.

The Playlist:

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