Common Snapping Turtle

Common Snapping Turtle…

Common Snapping Turtle
2012 Photo Contest – Wildlife Category. Photo: Wise (Common Snapping Turtle). Photo Credit: Erin Zempel, 2012 Photo Contest cc2.0

Unlike other turtles, snapping turtles are too large to completely withdraw inside their shells, therefore their defense is snapping. They are shy animals when in the water, but on land they are hostile and aggressive, and can inflict a very painful bite. Luckily, snapping turtles rarely bite humans — they’d rather just try to get away. They will also produce a foul odor from the underside of the body if they feel stressed.

The common snapping turtle is an omnivore and eats just about anything it finds — aquatic plants, fish, frogs, insects, snails, leeches, snakes, small mammals, baby ducks and even carrion (dead, decaying bodies of animals).

Female searching for nest site. Image credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson cc3.0

The female turtle will migrate great distances in search of a suitable nesting spot. The gender of the young depends on the temperature of the nest: higher temperatures produce more females, and cooler temperatures produce more males. The young break out of their shells with the help of an egg tooth, which they shed within their first 3 weeks.

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