Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider…

Brazilian wandering spider. Image credit: Techuser GFDL v1.2

These huge, hairy creepy-crawlies are the eight species of the genus Phoneutria (Greek for “murderess”), considered to be the world’s most venomous spiders. One of these species, P. fera, is even in Guinness World Records for this. Fortunately, though, there is effective anti-venom.

Unlike most spiders, the Brazilian wandering spider doesn’t build a web. Instead, it actively hunts for its prey. Being nocturnal, it hunts at night, wandering the forest floor, and rests during the day under fallen logs, termite mounds and banana plants.

This and other species of the genus Phoneutria are extremely venomous and should generally not be handled by humans. Image credit: João P. Burini GFDL v1.2

It is when the spider has taken refuge in a banana plant that humans are most likely to come across it, and to be bitten. Though this spider won’t intentionally attack humans to kill them, it will bite if it feels threatened. In defensive mode, the spider lifts itself up on its rear legs, then lifts its first pair of legs into the air while swaying from side to side. This defensive pose easily identifies it as belonging to the genus Phoneutria.

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