Belly button lint

An Australian has three bottles of lint from his bellybutton.

  Graham Barker has been collecting lint from his bellybutton for the past 26 years and he now has three bottles containing more than 22 grams of each - worth...

A woman in Thailand lived with scorpions for 33 days.

  Kanchana Ketkaew lived in a glass room filled with over 5,000 scorpions for over a month. Not only did she survive but she was only stung 13 times (though...
Hellmann's Mayonnaise

A man in Oklahoma was arrested for washing his hair with mayonnaise.

  Apparently, he thought it was shampoo. The real crime, though, was that he washed his hair at a public fountain, disturbing several people.  

Link #134: Bikila Won Gold Medal Running An Olympic Marathon Barefoot!

  Link #134: Bikila Won Gold Medal Running An Olympic Marathon Barefoot! The human body is considered to be extremely resilient. In fact, over long distances, the human body performs better...
Traffic cones

A man from the UK has a collection of over 100 traffic cones.

  Traffic cones may not seem like collectibles but they are to David Morgan who has a collection of 137 traffic cones - two thirds of all the types ever...

A man in Philadelphia used a banana to rob a convenience store.

  Police in Philadelphia posted a surveillance video of a man who swiped a banana off the counter of a convenience store and used it to rob the store, making...

In 2008, a 13 year-old boy was arrested. His crime? Excessive farting.

  According to the County Sheriff, the boy was intentionally farting, disrupting the class environment. After he confessed to his crime, he was released to his mother.  

A man got jailed for calling and texting his ex girlfriend one time too...

  Make that over 21,000 times. The French man, aged 33, was sentenced to 10 months of prison and a $1,300 fine after calling his ex girlfriend an average of...

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