Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be used for simple lab tests.

  Researchers at Harvard have found another use for bubble wrap - running simple diagnostic tests at the lab. According to them, not only is bubble wrap cheap and readily...
Mickey and Minnie

One of Mickey Mouse’s voice actors married the voice actress of Minnie Mouse.

  Wayne Allwine voiced Mickey Mouse from 1977 to 2009. In 1991, he married Russi Taylor who was the voice actress of Minnie Mouse since 1986.  

Only in San Benito, California can benitoite be found in gemstone quality.

  Benitoite is a rare mineral which has also been called the blue diamond. While it can be found in various sites, only in San Benito, California can it be...
Nerf Super Soaker

The NERF Super Soaker was invented by a NASA Engineer.

  Specifically, it was invented by Lonnie Johnson, who worked in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Like many other inventions, it was an accident - he was trying to make a...
Breath Mints

The Ancient Egyptians invented breath mints.

  Apart from inventing toothbrushes and the toothpaste, the Ancient Egyptians are credited with coming up with breath mints. They used pellets made of a mixture of frankincense, myrrh and...
Los Angeles

The internet was born in Los Angeles.

  Specifically, Room 3420 of UCLA's Boelter Hall was where the first message was sent over the internet on October 29, 1969.  
Cats almost always land on their feet

Cats almost always land on their feet.

  Have you ever seen a cat fall on its back? Even if you have, cats land on their feet most of the time, even if they are falling from...
bubble wrap

The Japanese have invented a never-ending bubble wrap.

  Are you one of those who can't seem to stop popping the bubbles of a bubble wrap? The Japanese have invented the Eternal Poppety-Pop, a sheet of bubble wrap...

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