Diet Coke

A can of Diet Coke floats in water.

  Whereas a can of regular Coke sinks. Why? Simply because they use different sweeteners - regular Coke uses sugar and Diet Coke uses artificial sweeteners, which in turn affect...

Most of ‘The Godfather’ was written in a café in San Francisco.

  There are hundreds of coffee houses in San Francisco and the Caffe Trieste is one of the most historic. Here, Francis Ford Coppola wrote most of the screenplay for...

Mudskippers can breathe through their skin, mouth and throat.

  As long as the mudskipper is wet, it can survive out of the water, breathing through its skin, which is rich in blood vessels, its throat and a special...
Liquid Helium

Liquid helium can climb over the sides of a dish.

At extremely low temperatures, liquid helium can achieve a superfluid state wherein it flows without friction. This means that if you were to swirl liquid helium inside a glass...
Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens had a pet raven

He called it Grip and after its death, he had it stuffed. It is now on display in Philadelphia.
Samsung Phone with Android Robot icon

Freezing an Android phone will reveal its secrets.

  Forensic scientists have found a way to access data in Android phones. By freezing the phone for an hour then removing and replacing the battery, they were able to...

Link #40: Human Bone Is Five Times Stronger Than Steel!

Link #40: Human Bone Is Five Times Stronger Than Steel! The information we covered in our last post showed how diverse and strong bones can be. We talked about how...
Giant cockroach

Link #67: Cockroaches Can Survive Nuclear Explosions!

  Link #67: Cockroaches Can Survive Nuclear Explosions! The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helen, as we described in our earlier article, was equal to about 500 atom bombs or 500...

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